Client: Area.
Location: OneSubsea, Leeds.
Project Lead Time: A total of 35 weeks split into three phases.

We designed and installed a new segregated steel cable containment system to the latest electrical standards which accommodated sub-mains cabling, LV power, fire alarm cabling, data cabling and PA cabling. By the end of the third phase we had used a total of 550 metres of steel wire cable basket within the ceiling voids.

A part of our initial brief was to provide a complete new low-energy lighting and control system, that would allow for future expansion without hefty commissioning costs from the manufacturers. We tendered out the project to different manufacturers for both lighting and controls, and offered a scheme in our submittal that matched the client’s end needs. We opted for a low-energy low-glare (<19UGR) LED light panel with zoned presence detection throughout. The client required scene set dimming for boardrooms and large meeting rooms, and we added manual dimming to areas with bright low-hanging feature lighting. All lighting that formed part of the emergency escape routes was linked together via network cables, so whichever PIR detected movement the full row illuminated, offering access to three escape doors.

Working closely with the client’s in-house design team, we offered a non-intrusive lighting scheme to best light up an exposed high-level ceiling area nicknamed ‘the cathedral’. The result was a mix of low-hanging cloudlike pendants piercing through suspended acoustic panels above the collaboration desk, with surface-mounted black cannister spotlights mounted on a suspended galvanised cable tray over the relaxed fixed seating area.

Along with the upgrade of the existing distribution, we installed local metering to the distribution boards, helping the client keep track of their energy consumption. The metering was devised to include power, lighting and mechanical equipment. The new distribution was comprised of Schneider’s Acti9 range throughout.